Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Abandoned Little Nest

A bird built a twig nest inside my bluebird house.
I found it around the beginning of August.
There were already 4 eggs laid in it so I let it alone.
I never saw any bird going in or out of the nest.
So yesterday I examined it again.  The same 4 tiny eggs were in there, apparently abandoned.  
I took the nest out and brought it in the house.
I wasn't sure what breed of bird laid these tiny rust colored eggs so I looked it up.
It was a house wren.
Below is a link to information about the house wren and their nests.
Very interesting.

Such great care is taken in building the nest. 
I wonder what happened with the parent birds???
I love little wrens but didn't even get a chance to see these!
Here's the link for more information.



  1. Sad yet so beautiful. Did you have a windstorm? Once it falls from the tree or nesting spot I doubt the parents would come back to it.

  2. Lori, the nest was in my bluebird house with eggs for a month and a half. Evidently something must have happened to mama that she didn't sit on the eggs.


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