Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thoughts Change With the Seasons

Saying goodbye to Summer and hello to Autumn.
Looking forward to a nice long fall!

My favorite season; how about you?
Have you ever noticed how the change of seasons has a definite affect on your thoughts and feelings.
I don't know if it is the cooling temperatures or the change in the color of the leaves on the trees.
There is a different smell in the air as the leaves change and the apples ripen.
Do you notice it?
I just know for me, all of a sudden I want to decorate in those fall colors, eat things made of pumpkin flavor and make applesauce in the crockpot!
I get all cozy feeling and want to get out the sweat shirts, make soup and chili and bake something!!
The fact that daylight hours decrease affects other species so why not us.
In other animals and in birds it's a hormonal thing so maybe in humans too.  Maybe that's why we feel like "nesting" in the winter.
(totally my idea)
I guess I'll call the chimney sweep and get my fireplace ready.
Sweaters, hot chocolate and blue October skies.
Here's a little known fact about autumn!!!!

Standing Egg
Standing eggs?There are only two days of the year when you can stand an egg on its end, the autumn and spring equinox. To do this you will need an egg. (It does not have to be hard-boiled.) Place the egg on a hard, flat surface on its largest end. Carefully pull your hands away and it should remain upright.
I just read this and went right out to the kitchen and tried it on the egg I collected from Molly today!!
And LOOK!!!!

Have a nice start to Autumn.


1 comment:

  1. Haha I like the egg trick. Who knew?
    It is also my favorite time of year and for the same reasons. Bring on the good cooking aromas.


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