Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hidden Things In My Garden, looking again

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I chose this for a re-do of my favorite things. I love my yard and gardens in the summertime. But you've got to look close or you may miss some things! This was for an Outdoor Wednesday in July 2009.

Thanks, Susan, for hosting Outdoor Wednesday. Be sure to stop over and see her at You've got to see everyone else's ideas too.

July 2009
If you REALLY look at your garden down close, you're liable to find some interesting things.
Here's an old birdhouse down in the weeds. Looks like a squirrel has been chewing himself into the front door.

Look at this beautiful little caterpillar. I was right down in the mulch with him to get this photo. I wonder what he'll turn in to.

Look close . . . a little lady bug. Remember that childhood poem.

Lady bug . . . lady bug
Fly away home.
Your house is on fire
And your children will burn.


There were a lot of kind of scary poems when we were kids!!

That's an old time rototiller under that ivy!

Oh, that's Trouble II. He's sure a chipmunk or squirrel is in there somewhere!!

Look here! It's an old bench that's slowly getting covered by the ivy that's back by my shed. I used to buy old benches when ever I found them. Who knows how many I've lost to the ivy!! Maybe I should start probing around.

Just thought I'd throw this in. I love this photo. Everything is so fresh and the air smells like the rain.
Please stop by as often as you can and let me know what you think. I love to here from you all.
Have a great Wednesday.


  1. Thanks for stopping to look close into the garden, it was a treat to see the little creatures!

  2. I loved seeing all of the cute critters in your garden, and you are SO correct... that is an amazing shot after the rain. Love it, too!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday...


    Sheila :-)

  3. Hey Shirley.. Love all of the photos.. that last one .. oh my I would actually sit out there in the rain! I wanted to stop by and answer your question about my husbands game camera.. We got his from Bass Pro Shop.. If you don't have one near by .. you can order one from online. Also Wal-Mart carries them.. they are less expensive there and just as good. If you get one you want to make sure it's the digital ones.. not the 35mm. They are great lil toys for the guys.

  4. To me there is no smell i enjoy more than a fresh smell of rain!

    You totally cracked me up about the lady bug fire ..."bummer!" ...hahhahha!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  5. Hi Shirley,
    Beautiful shots, sometimes we just need to pay more attention to little details, I think when I am out and about again I am going to do just that.Thank you for sharing.Great post.

  6. What beautiful closeup pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Great pictures. It is amazing what you can see when one looks real close. Pretty patio.

  8. I do love the clean look after a good rain. Your garden is interesting up close. Happy OW.

  9. What wonderful nature shots. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  10. Great photos. I love the shot of the birdhouse. Your lawn and gardens are just beautiful, what a view from you patio. And could you send us some of that rain pretty please? Thanks for sharing. Kathy

  11. Love these photos. I was ready to leap right in and hang out with you and Trouble II

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love the caterpillar picture. It's so clear and love the color.

  13. Shirley, lovely photos I loved them all especially the rain because it all looks so serene and crisp at the same time. I read your comment on my blog about the doggie, it wasn't time yet so be patient. When the "one" comes along you will no without any doubts or second guessing!

  14. Oh, I LOVE your garden. All the hidden treasures were so fun, and I think I'd like to spend a quiet evening sitting on that deck!

  15. Hi Shirley...

    My friend, it's so very nice to have you join in with the fun of Sunday Favorites this week...and what a fabulous post to re-share with us!!!

    Ohhh...your photos are truly magnificent!!! You really are a talented photographer, my friend! Do you mind me asking what type of camera that you use? I have really gained an interest of photography just since I've been blogging! I have a generic digital camera and would love to get something different, however I'm not sure if I would know what to do with one that has all kinds of gadgets! Hehe!

    Anyway, back to your lovely post! Shirley, your yard and gardens are sooo beautiful!!! I really enjoyed the photo tour! I think that your photos belong in a photography magazine...they are that good!!! Your gardens are lovely...I love all the interesting elements like the old wooden bench! Oooh...and the ivy is gorgeous! I am guessing that it just grows wild? We just don't have anything like that here in Colorado...I guess it's too cold!

    Saving the best for last, my friend! I just want to commend you on your photo of your fabulous patio and yard! It's simply divine!!! The beautiful lush greens...the rain...and that lovely mist in the background...I would have loved experiencing that day at your place!!! And...I know that I've said it many times before but...your patio is absolutely gorgeous!!! What beauty...what a blessing! You have a beautiful home, Shirley!!! Thank you so much for sharing it and your beautiful gardens with us today for Sunday Favorites...this was a real treat, my friend!!!

    Have a super Sunday!
    Warmest wishes,

  16. BEAUTIFUL pictures....the caterpillar picture is amazing!!!

  17. Hi Shirley,
    Wow, your home and gardens are gorgeous. I loved the little "walk" through the yards and the rainy afternoon photo - just lovely, I can almost smell the rain!
    Thanks for stopping by earlier, hope you'll come by ofte! Have a great weekend.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  18. I swear, Shirley, that caterpillar actually made my nose itch.
    I am allergic!
    Your deck is beautiful!
    That's some yard and garden you have there!
    Beautiful pictures.

  19. Thank you all!! My camera isn't anything really special. In fact the one I used here was an Olympus C730, not even an SLR. My daughter, the photographer, has all the really good professional equipment!

  20. What an Awesome post. Just wanted to drop a comment and say, I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading. Thanks for sharing it.


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