Thursday, November 12, 2009

Satire's Page

Satire was our first horse. We bought him about 6 years ago when he was 24 yrs. old. He was a fully equitated retired show arab and taught us everything! Since then I bought two other horses but Michele remains true to her arab, Satire. They are truly bonded.

She practices Parelli Natural Horsemanship with him and rides him now in only a rope halter and usually bareback.
He has the personality of the arabs that they tell about that used to live in their owner's tents in the desert. He is that gentle.
This is Satire's post.



  1. A lovely animal! Arabians are 'people' horses - seem to love to be wherever their owners are! I used to have one named Star Wish that would carry my fence fixing tools from post to post as I went around checking the wire! He was a delight to watch as he would run in the fields too - he would just FLOAT!

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, this is beautiful!
    Made me tear up.
    Satire is an amazing Arabian. He is very smart with lots of personality. Because he was kept a stallion till he was 10 years old he will still give you that wonderful stallion personality at times. For example at feeding time, while his feed soaks he screams at you with such authority and gives you "a look" as to say "you better give me dinner or else" I love him completely, he owns my heart. I have waited my whole life for my arabian and now I have him. Not just any arabian either, he was quite the show horse in his day- doing very well all around Ohio in Park & English Pleasure classes. Parelli is a wonderful way to bond even closer with your horse. Satire is truly an amazing gift from God.

  3. P.S. Satire has a perfect dish head with the best ears! He is simply beautiful. My only regret is not finding him when he was a baby. He is perfect.

  4. What an absolute beauty & look at that tail flagging. Gorgeous creature of God's.

    Have a lovely day. Come enter our TRIPLE GIVEAWAY, if you haven't. TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. What a beauty he is. He reminds me of an arabian horse I had years ago when married to my first husband. He was also a beauty. Enjoy him Michele.


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