Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Little Rant!

No photos were able to be taken during this dilemma! (Thank goodness) I've been sending for little free samples of things every once in awhile, and I got one of shampoo and conditioner. Of course they send them in little foil packets, I'm sure because it's cheaper than little bottles and they can mail them easily. I sat my little foil packets in the shower to use the next time I washed my hair. Well tonight I took my shower and decided to try these out. The packets are together so now I'm in the shower with no glasses and really can't see which is which but decided that the shampoo is probably the one on the left, so I tore them apart and now had the shampoo foil packet. I couldn't see of course, but I could feel that it had a little score mark on it where you're supposed to tear to open. WELL > > > my hands are wet and try as hard as I could it would not tear open. Now I'm trying to tear it with my teeth. WHAT on earth are these made of????? It would not tear except into tiny pieces that ended up in my mouth. I was practically chewing this thing open! I refused to get out of the tub all dripping wet to go get scissors! Finally, I must have made headway as I tasted soap!!!!! So I squeezed the tiny bit of shampoo out and washed my hair. Now for the conditioner! It was the same story!! Now I know these have to go through the mail and have to be secure lest we have a postal emergency! but I think if they want you to buy their product, they should make it a little easier for you to sample it!! Every time I see this product I will think of this and be able to taste it!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sorry, I can't really comment because I a rolling on the floor laughing...I can so relate. Thanks for the humor this morning

  2. Ha, ha. Oh I can so picture this (except for the fact you are in the know....naked) but the gnashing of teeth and spitting of plastic bits. Snort, snort. Ha.
    Perhaps you should save them all up and open them all at once and decant them together in bottle as if they were a fine wine. Then you will get all the amazing benefits of the many products at once.
    Either that or your hair will all fall out.


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