Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day Spent with the Horses

This is my favorite photo of the day. The horse is a full blooded Arabian and is 34 years old! His name is Rauls. William, his owner there, is 86! (By the way he has two other horses he rides too.) My daughter, the photographer, says I captured a great connection shot here.

This is Satire, our beloved senior arabian. He was a show horse in his day and now is one loved fella.

OK, this is Echo irritating Preacher. Echo is 5 yrs, almost 6, and Preacher is 15. Echo wants to play. He's pulling on his halter.

Now he's about to grab Captain's halter.

He's just sort of one of those irritating teenagers!!

No wonder he gets nipped so much!

The end! (I know . . . that's soooooo lame!!) Nice butt though : ))
Bye : ))


  1. Shirley, I love your sense of humor! Love the butt too! Beautiful pictures. I have a serious of photos of my horse Cody mad because I was taking his picture and not feeding him. I got the butt as well!

  2. I could just kiss those noses. How beautiful. I didn't know horses lived that long.
    Don't forget about the Writer's Challenge this weekend.

  3. I really like this post too! I stand behind my decision, that first photo of Rauls & William is storybook and the rim lighting on Rauls adds the perfect touch!! William must love that photo!


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