Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday Nov. 11th

It's Outdoor Wednesday at Susan's of "A Southern Daydreamer". Take a look at her beautiful blog and get the list of participants. http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/

Here is one of the few apples left on my three apple trees. I don't spray so I don't get many good ones for me but the animals all like them!!

Well, look at that, it's a rooster weather vane on top my cupola!!!!!!

There's my boy Rocky. It's been perfect weather this week!

The back of my house in the fall.

This is the north end of the house. You can see the cornice returns at the roofline. (A characteristic element in Greek Revival type of architecture from 1830-1860.) Hmmmm, I wonder if there was a window under the top right one at some time. Inside, there's a large closet there.)

Well, the sun is setting way too early now that Daylight Savings Time is over. I hate that it gets dark so early! I wish they'd keep Daylight Savings Time all year.
Well, that's outside on my little acre.
Have a good Wednesday.


  1. Hi Shirley...

    Ohhh...what lovely photos of your home in all of its Fall finery! You have a beautiful yard too, my friend! I love your rooster weather vane...how endearing!!! Just stopping in to say hello and see what you've been up to! Hope that my note finds you well!!!

    Warmest wishes,

    PS...what a splendid photo of Rocky...he's beautiful!!!

  2. I agree, Rocky is a stunner.
    So is your property. You must get so much enjoyment out of it.

  3. It was a great year for apples at the local orchard! Spartans taste soooo good.

  4. Oh Shirley, you have a lovely house and the surroundings have an Autumn feel. The wind vane is cute!

    Ebie's Outdoor Wednesday.

  5. LOVE ROCKY, beautiful dog. Hey you have the picket fence I so want LOL
    Love your acre, that's what we have on the river.
    Happy OW
    Love Claudie

  6. Shirley! I love your house! Thanks for sharing it... it really is fabulous! And Rocky is SO handsome! We don't participate in daylight savings in Arizona we stay at the same time all the time... never change. I love it. Have a great rest of the week
    ~Really Rainey~

  7. Love your house and I'm with you on the daylight savings, wish it would stay light longer!

  8. What beautiful photo's and I love your house and your dog.
    Have a nice day

  9. Love your YARD!!! I bet you just want to be out there all the time....

    My O W is a nearby marshland with waterfowl and Autumn colors...and a surprise L N Monster visit!!!

    Come by and see

  10. Great photos and I love Rocky. The weather vane is cool too.

  11. Rocky is a handsome dog!

    I explored the Jogging trail this time.

  12. You have a lovely home. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.

  13. Rocky looks so handsome!:p

    you live in a beautiful place. thanks for sharing.

  14. Hello Shirley,

    How handsome Rocky is! You have a lovely home and yard.

    Thank you for sharing it with us!

    ~ Tracy

  15. Thanks for sharing the grounds and lovely home of yours. I am with you. I hate it gets so dark so early, and my body does change with the time.

  16. Hi Shirley, I love your home. It is so americana! You are so blessed. :)

  17. Shirley you have a lovely home. What a beautiful setting. And Rocky is such a handsome fellow! Happy Outdoor Wednesday. Kathy

  18. Hi Shirley

    You have a beautiful home! I love that weather vane. Rocky looks like a good guard dog --very alert!
    I also hate the early nightfall -- I love long sunny days! Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  19. Beautiful pics Shirley! I just love the way you photograph things. I took your advise and did some updating on my blog and it is coming along!

  20. Your home is lovely -- and your "boy" looks like a charming fella! Thanks for your visit to my cornbread blog last week and your kind words -- It's really good and if you like the sweeter cornbreads, this one should really suit your fancy. Have a wonderful week.


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