Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Annie's Short Visit

I told Rocky he was going to have a little girl doggie visitor for a week or two! My sister was coming to visit me from Erie and she was bringing Annie, her little Pekinese. Rocky was waiting with his favorite toy in his mouth at the door!

I guess Annie cried all the way from Erie to here (2 hours) in the car. When she arrived, we introduced the two dogs outside on leashes. They sniffed each other and Annie barked a little but all was fine. Rocky didn't pay much attention.

Inside she wouldn't leave my sister or Bob's side and constantly cried.
Sue, my sister, decided that she wouldn't have much of a vacation if she had Annie crying all the time, so Bob took Annie back home with him!

My daughter Michele was so disappointed because she wanted to photograph her.
However these are the photos I took of her outside so they will have to do for her photo shoot for now!!
She loves the snow and buries her head it it!

Oh well, maybe another time Annie!!



  1. Poor Annie. Maybe you should have showed her the horses. She might have liked them. Hope you have a good visit!

  2. Rocky is the best. He can come and visit Webster anytime.

  3. Send Rocky to play with Moon, Copper & I...then Annie can come & visit!...:)JP


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