Saturday, January 22, 2011

Me . . . Sledding??

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Awwwww, Winter!

Actually, I've been thinking about doing this for awhile. Ever since we've had all this snow and we got some little sleds for the grandkids for Christmas.
So after using my toboggan to bring some firewood in, I told my sister to come out and take some pictures.
My driveway is long and has just a little decline. Well, I'm starting small!

I had to use my hands to get started.

Then I quickly picked up speed. What fun!
I mean I wasn't going at the speed of light or anything . . .
after all, there's a road down there!

Rocky didn't know what to think of it. I think he was watching for traffic!

No, I didn't tip over.

After going down about 3 times, I'm ready for a bigger hill!
Hmmmm, there's a bigger one on the golf course right on the other side of my vegetable garden. Of course that means I'd have to be walking back up. Too bad there's no tow rope!

Maybe I could tie Rocky to the sled and see if he'd pull me!
I'll save that for another day!
It's only 10 degrees out here!

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Have Fun This WInter!!!!


  1. Hahahahaha, oh what fun! I hope you went once for me! I wish I could do that again! Just about the time you got tied up to Rocky a squirrel would come out and you would end up going through bushes and briars. I'm surprised he wasn't on your lap!
    I just can't do the cold weather anymore at all. My muscles tighten up till they charlie horse. When they do that, I can't move. The guys have to drag me in and beat me, literally, to get them to relax.
    I miss ice surfing. It's something we all used to do in Ohio. Slick sneakers and a patch of ice and you have hours of fun.
    My kids hated it. I used to do it late at night with them, but they would go back in thinking I was nuts.
    You go girl, and do that hill! Have your sister waiting at the bottom with a truck to haul you back up!
    Thanks for the grins!

  2. You are brave! Cute post and I love your sense of humor (and adventure!)

  3. Your Crazy! ....LOL
    I think you miss skiing! Hope you didnt bruise your butt! Where are the pictures of Sue going down!?

  4. Oh Shirley...what fun! I wish I was there...we would have had a ball!...:)JP

  5. Looks like fun Shirley! Wouldn't depend on Rocky pulling you up the hill though, wear boots!:@)

  6. How FUN! Like being a kid again. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Your sled looks very much like the one I play on. The hardest part is getting off and on the darned thing! Good for you for keeping a youthful spirit.

  8. Good for you!! Now you are ready to sled with your grandkids!

  9. Oh my that looks like fun. I think I am going to try this too. I like the dog who watched over you ^_^ Happy Wednesday!

    Outdoor Wednesday

  10. Shirley, you look like a lady that knows how to
    have a good time!!!!
    I see you still have lots of snow so you'll have more time to hone your 'mad sledding
    skills'. . .
    Have a great week,

  11. Hi Shirley, it is nice to meet you. You are just too cute and fun for words. I enjoyed seeing you play in the snow. hugs ~lynne~

  12. Woohoo, Shirley! That is so much fun and its free! Gee, I do not know if I have the balance!

    We came from the Mountains and for this the charge was $25 per hour!

  13. are just as cute as can be on that sled. I know that was fun fun....:))
    The photos are awesome...

  14. You're braver than me! That looks like fun, so do it again :-)

  15. I am looking forward to seeing photos of Rocky's sledding!!!

  16. that looks like sooo much fun.

    do visit my blog.

  17. What fun! You go girl! You have a lovely blog, thanks for your visit. I love your dog and horses, too. I used to have a horse growing up. Your header is gorgeous as is your home. Have a great day.

  18. Oh what fun! Wonderful photos!!

  19. That was so cute. I also loved that Rocky has a coat on. You are a good Momma.

  20. Wow, looks like you had a great time. I haven't tried sledding yet I hope someday. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  21. fun! i wish we had enough snow to play in :) beautiful pup too!


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