Friday, January 7, 2011

Nanna's Grandkids 2010

Time With Ava and Jack

It's hard to pick a years worth of photos when I've taken so many!
But putting them in collages was the easiest way to do it.
They are sort of in a timely order.

Outside time is the easiest to get photos.

I particularly like the pictures of them dancing on the septic tank lids!!

They love the horses! They'll learn to garden and they climbed their first tree this summer.

Christmas 2010
Some of these photos were taken by my daughter but not all of them are watermarked.
Please stop by and see her photography website.

Hope you enjoyed these. I babysit them every Wednesday. I hope I'm giving them some good memories of Nanna's house!

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  1. Ava and Jack look like the sweetest grandkids ever. They will have so many memories of being at your house when they are older, but their best ones will be the ones in your lap.

  2. Shirley,
    Your grandkids pics are great! Love the summer ones and the Christmas ones. They are very cute!

  3. If these photos are any indication, I am sure they love your house. These are such great collages and show such beautiful innocent children enjoying thier world. They are fabulous! What a blessing!

  4. Beautifully arranged together!
    Such memories for you Shirley!

  5. Wonderful! I have such great memories of time at the grandparents. Priceless...

  6. Beautiful children and you can tell they have had a great have you!

  7. Your picture of your grandchildren are wonderful! No wonder you reposted these pretty faces!

  8. Your two blessings are just precious.
    Being a grandmother is one of life's greatest blessings.

  9. Looks like you've had a fun-filled year! Lovely images of a lovely family.

  10. Your photos are wonderful and capture the fun of grand parenting! Your grandkids are precious!

  11. You have beautiful grandchildren. Thank your for sharing them with us. Take care and have a great week.

  12. This Nana says 'well done Nanna!' What beautiful children!

  13. Delightful! The dancing made me grin, too.

  14. Shirley,

    Your grans are adorable. Such wonderful memories for everyone in these mosaics.

  15. great great pictures...
    can you help me out with this I would love to make a mosaic of my pictures too how do you do it?

  16. Hello Shirley...

    My friend, you certainly have a beautiful family! Those grandbabies are just precious! Sooo many great photos and I loved how you complied them into photo mosaics! Thank you so much for sharing your sweet family and family photos with us this week for the Sunday Favorites repost party!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design


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