Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today in Shirley's World

Today was a day with lots going on. In the morning I had both the DirecTV AND the cable guys here at the same time. My wireless connections for my computers finally got figured out and my laptop is now working well, along with my desktop.
The TV wasn't getting all the HD channels and my dish needs readjusted however it snowed last night and they won't go up on the roof when there's snow. SO I guess I won't be seeing HGTV or the Hallmark channels in HD till the snow melts!!
Then in the afternoon I went to the barn to check on the horses. Echo in limping on his right front leg since yesterday. Nothing severe and no swelling so we'll see what a couple days of stall rest does. Satire has conjunctivitis in both eyes and got some Terramycin opthalmic ointment in both eyes yesterday when Michele was there. However, today is right eye was really swollen and bothering him a lot so I had the vet come over and take a look. He got his eye flushed out, some Banamine for swelling and pain, examined, (no scratches) and the ointment put in. Hopefully with this treatment for the next couple days it will be fine. Pink-Eye in horses!!
Tomorrow is barn day again.


  1. Glad you got your wireless working and now you can blog from anywhere!
    Bet Rocky is glad that it's over untile the roof is clear.
    Sorry about the news on the horses. Pink eye is itchy and sore. Did you have to patch it from the dust?
    Echo might have stubbed his toe. It happens to me all the time. Hope he does better this morning.
    They finally got my internet speed back up. It was a nightmare trying to blog and leave comments.

  2. I wish I could use my laptop here in the Hollow, but I'm limited to my desktop for now. Sorry to here about Echo's limp and although I grew up around horses, we never had one get pink eye! It's snowing here now so try to hang in until a thaw comes!...:)JP


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