Friday, March 4, 2011

At the Barn Today


It's rained and rained today so the horses were in. I ran them around the arena for awhile then every one got a good grooming. It was a relaxing day. I had to groom one whole side of mud off of Satire as yesterday when I took his blanket off, he went right outside in the muddiest spot and rolled!! Only one side though. So he's nice and clean now. I think I detected a little bit of shedding starting!

Echo had a huge knot in his mane. His mane is long and wild so it gets knotted easily. I groomed him all over then worked about 20 minutes untangling his mane with the help of "Cowboy Magic". I braided it in thick braids to keep it nice for a few days anyway. His coat is nice and shiny.

At one point when I was fussing with his mane he was falling asleep. He was in the cross ties. His head was so far down it was just resting on the halter!

I put Preacher back in his stall and I think he was looking for a place to roll!!
They just cant look nice for 2 minutes!!!!!


  1. All of my horses (minus the mini mule!) are shedding like crazy already!!

    Sounds like my Apollo's mane is just like your Echo's! If I don't constantly keep it groomed with some Cowboy Magic or Show Sheen it takes one day to form dreadlocks!

  2. Pretty Horses!
    Wish I could go horse back riding and enjoy the wind blowing in my face.
    God bless,

  3. how sweet of the picture of him falling asleep

  4. Shirley, I don't know if ever I told you this before...I love their names!...:)JP


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