Saturday, March 26, 2011

Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!

It's true, I do maybe have trouble making decisions. I once brought 5 different sets of living room curtains home before I picked one!
Paint, especially this yellow paint, is so hard to pick. It's for the walls in the big family room. The family room has lots of windows and every where you set these samples they look different.
So far I've brought home 6 samples of paint colors. (Thank goodness Behr has these little jars of paint samples!) These are four of them. The other two were too lemony.

My sister likes the deepest one but I am afraid it may be too bright. I want the room to look sunny but not blinding!

I refuse to get any more samples. What to do, what to do!!!!!
What do you all think????
Confused in Medina.


  1. In the bottom photo, the bottom center one is one I would pick. Yellow can comsume if it is too dark. I prefer a light butter yellow and I have had that on my kitchen walls for 10 years now and it has never gotten on my nerves.
    Find a color and tone that you love, whether it's in linens, china, a throw, pillow- then take that in and have them match it. If there is one certain color you are drawn to, it will be fine on the walls and you will be comfortable with it.
    Also look at the samples all day long and at night. Your rooms change with natural lighting through out the day and then in the evening with lamps and candles.
    When in doubt, put the first coat on in one shade lighter. If, after that dries, you find it's not dark enough, do the second coat in the darker choice. If you find it's a little too dark, do the second coat one shade lighter.
    Hope that helps- Tete

  2. for a family room I agree with a lighter yellow, our living room is a yellowish beige and when the sun is on it is yellower so if u have alot of windows.........

    look forward to seeing it done!

  3. I'm horrible at choosing paint colors. I love your new spring banner.

  4. I think the middle one on the smallest piece, that's judging from the color they showed up on the post. If it's too yellow it would make me think of a baby's room!

  5. oh, you make me laugh, I just finished painting my family room, it was sooo hard to choose, I had six colors of green, then I finally pick one for the top, then to choose a white for the you know how many whites there are!!!
    I truly personally like the yellow on the bottom in the middle, good luck!!!

  6. I had this same problem picking yellow paint for my kitchen. They always look so different on the wall, too.

    Personally, I love the darkest one. I like them all, though. I like them not to "lemony" too.

  7. My living room, dining room, hallway and stairway are all roughly the same as the darker one you have there. It looks great and I never regretted it for a minute. Hard to tell from your post though as it is dependent on our own computers.

  8. You could go with the middle color since it's going in your large living room cause you said you have lots of windows, I think it would be plenty bright and cheery.
    Hey thanks for asking, I love stuff like this.
    I'm trying to bust out of the neutrals myself.I need more color in my life.

  9. Greetings from California :-)

    I believe God put me on earth to accomplish a certain number of things and I will live until my work is finished. Visiting nice blogs like yours is high on my list. Right now I am so far behind I don't think I will ever die!

    Take care and above all else, guard your heart for it affects everything else you do.


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