Tuesday, March 15, 2011


When we're working in the barn, (in the stalls), one of Satires favorite things to do is just be with us and cruise around the barn. If there's horses in the stalls , he'll visit them and if the other horses are out, he'll take that opportunity to examine their stalls.

Sometimes it seems he is just grazing the barn!

Satire . . . that's not your bucket! That's the mare's and she'd better not find you in there!!

Looking out the front door.

It seems he actually enjoys being in here with us rather than out in the arena with the other horses. Of course, he's an arab; they are truly "people horses".

Hmmmmm, that looks like a whole bale of hay!

"Looks like I hit the mother load!!!"


  1. Absolutely LOVE this! Satire is MY BABY BOY! I love him so very much... words cannot explain. He has such personalty! He knows he IS somebody and I tell all the other horses they are in the presence of a STAR. We are so LUCKY to have found him.

  2. That is so sweet. Don't you love how each has their own unique personality.

  3. I think your horse is so beautiful. I have been enjoying your blogs about him. Check out my cattle drive post. Diane

  4. :o)
    When you think back to how poorly he was...please give him a hug (and kiss) from me.
    Rose H

  5. What an awesome dog! I mean horse...horse, of course!...:)JP

  6. Beautiful photos! I hope your snow disappears soon and you see more of spring. And it sounds like you must be feeling better.


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