Saturday, March 19, 2011

Checking On Spring

I went for a little walk around the yard today, checking on spring's progress. It was a little cool, (in the 40's) but it was sunny and the sky was a beautiful blue.

These day lilies are bursting through all over.

I see Mr Bunny made it through the winter alright.

These burgundy colored things will be nice big bleeding heart bushes in a month or so.

And here is the progress of my daffodils.

See the buds??? Oh happy day!
This is a little garden report from NE Ohio!


  1. I love your bunny! I have wanted a standing bunny for several years now and can't find one.
    I wish I could have bleeding hearts. I have tried, but the bunnies dig them up and eat them.
    Looks like you finally have spring there!
    Hugs- tete

  2. Oh, my, your florals will be decorating your gardens beautifully soon ... you are way ahead of me. I love bleeding hearts, do you have red or white.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  3. Oh, Shirley...I have your bunnies relatives here in the Hollow! I'm glad that Spring makes you feel as wonderful as it does me!...:)JP


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