Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Big Green Ball

Today was a sort of warm day. I think it reached 50 degrees, so I brought my new Parelli horse ball to blow up. I only had the small air compressor you hook to a car so it took FOREVER!

It's supposed to get to about 44 inches high but I quit when it was about 36 inches because it had already taken at least 45 minutes!!
The horses are waiting!!!!
I can blow it up bigger the next warm day.

Echo is the only one truly interested in it. I had a big blue ball before and I know he likes them. The blue ball got a leak in it that I could never find so I got this new bigger one.

It's particularly fun to ride Echo and have him chase the ball. Sort of like horse soccer.

Satire doesn't seem to want to play.

"I'll just push it over here".

"What if I push it at Preacher!"

"There, Preacher, Get it!"

Well, Preacher did touch it with his nose.

Then nudged it a little.

However, then he decided to just stand over it and guard it!
"Gee, a guy can't have any fun!!!!"
Sometimes Preacher's just an old grouch!!!!!!!



  1. Preacher needs to stand in the corner for not sharing. LOL
    Isn't it fun to watch them play around and be goofy? I hope you got to ride today.
    Hugs- Tete

  2. had no idea a horse would play with a ball! thanks for educating me on horses!

  3. How cute. I would love to see them chase it. I'll bet that looks so fun for them.

  4. Aside from the fact that my Apollo is a white ARAB, I would swear him and Echo are twins separated at birth ;)

    I buy the exercise balls at target for them to play with...using the term *them* loosely!

  5. How funny. They are like a bunch of kids.

  6. That is so cool, Shirley! I never thought of that for a horse!...:)JP


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