Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bummer Day!

At least it's sunny!
And Rocky is thinking it's a delightful day!
However, Rocky doesn't realize that two minutes after I got up this morning, the electricity went out!
I am not happy! NO COFFEE AND NO EGGOS!!!
Sure, Rocky gets his usual breakfast and two dog biscuits and gets to go out and play.
Me, on the other hand am just realizing that I'm trapped because the garage door is shut and won't open and some dummy locked the "man door" (me), so I can't even get in to release the garage door opener mechanism because I can't find the key!
I called and reported the outage to the electric company. It's some equipment damage (?) and should be back up about 11:30am.
Now, in the country when you lose electricity, you also lose, water and your use of the bathroom facilities. (Just sayin") Also no heat but that wasn't an issue today since I didn't think I'd freeze to death because it was supposed to be in the 60's.

About this time, Carol calls from the barn to tell me that Preacher is hardly putting any weight at all on his left back foot. Great!!! I call the vet. She is going to meet me at the barn between 3 and 4pm. I'm praying that my car will be out of jail by then!

Rocky has just noticed the garage door is down and he hears something inside. Yes, it's his nemesis the squirrel!

You tell him Rocky!!!!
Finally at 2PM the electricity comes back on and we are freed!
I head to the barn.

Preacher is not happy. His foot hurts and his herd is out without him!!!!

Here's his poor boo-boo.
The vet comes about 3pm and determines that Preacher has a high abscess around the area of the coronet band. (Right above the hoof.) It's too high to get through the hoof so I have to soak his foot in warm water and Epson Salts twice a day till it breaks open. Oh Joy!
I don't have pictures of the first soaking as we were too busy keeping his foot in the bucket!
Preacher wasn't getting the idea at first. It has to feel good though!
He got some Bute (for pain) and I will be back in the morning!

Here's Satire looking on, thinking I'm just glad it's not me and where's my dinner!
I hope tomorrow is better.


  1. You poor thing!! What a day it has been for you, I'm glad your power is back and Preacher is on his way to being well again. I love the picture of Rocky howling! too cute :) Hope the ending of your day is much better than how it started!!

  2. Hi there!

    I feel so bad for your horse! It must hurt alot. My Grandma used Apple Cider Vinegar to heal her horses, whenever they had any type of injury, whether a scratch, cut, or rash... It works great to keep flies away and also, adding some to their diet will help alot with pain, inflammation, a healthy digestive tract and good blood. Overall, a great, natural remedy for any bad thing! Try adding a cup of ACV to the bucket that you soak his leg in, and also add it to the diet. Just as long as its organic and has the mother (murky stuff on the bottom) it'll for sure help him!

    I love Rocky! What a cute dog! Hope Preacher gets better soon! :)



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