Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kids and Horses (part 2)

I'm putting on a few more pictures on from last Tuesday when my grandkids came to see the "horsies".
I know this first photo isn't clear but I wanted to show my son on Echo playing with the ball. (Echo's favorite game.)

My son with his son, Jack.

Ava on Satire

Ava in her jockey position!

Love the pink polka dot boots : ))

OK, Echo has pulled up to the parking place! I guess he's done!


  1. What gloririous memories your grandchildren will have :o)

  2. These are priceless. I love the little polka dot boots too. Those are so lucky little grandchildren.

  3. Love your horsies :) They are so beautiful and well loved :)

  4. I Have a little horse lover! She enjoyed looking at your pictures. Thanks for letting me peak in.


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