Monday, May 30, 2011

Mini Cookout, Live & Learn!

Attempting My Cookout!

I brought my little charcoal grill outside to the picnic table. Wadded up a couple sheets of newspaper and poured some charcoal on top and lit the newspaper. Lit it over and over as it kept going out! It finally caught.

I followed the directions on the page my sister sent me about making a charcoal fire.
Unfortunately I don't have a "chimney charcoal starter" to get your charcoal going good. Incidentally, my father made one of those from a big tin can with holes poked in it years and years before they ever came out on the market!! Why didn't you patent that Daddy!!!

My lawn is so high Ellie was watching me like a lioness in the tall grass.

I got the tomatoes and lettuce ready.

And put the corn on to boil.

The fire seemed ready about 6pm.

And I put the turkey burgers on and slathered them with BarBQ Sauce.

At 20 after 6, nothing much was happening.

My fire wasn't very hot! They were sort of "slow cooking"! No sizzle!!
(Yes, I had the top on between photos.)

I'm hungry!

They are looking better and I flipped them over.

Finally, done after an hour!! I've got to find a better way to make a hotter fire!!!

My little picnic : ))

And Ellie is still stalking the golfers!
Happy Memorial Day.


  1. Love those cat in the grass pictures!

  2. It looks delicious! I'm sure, after a few more tries, you'll get it down. BBQing is one of those things that looks simple but can be quite difficult. I'm hopeless at it!

  3. tomato's and bicolored corn..mmmm! That is why we use a gas grill! I guess we don't have the patience for charcoal!

  4. Looks yummy; good things come to those who wait. Your grill is adorable. And it is nice that it is so portable. Ellie is adorable.


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