Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sun & Flourishing Gardens

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The Sun and My Flourishing Gardens!!


The sun was out bright and it was a wonderful 77 degrees here. It will take quite a few of these days to dry things out but I'm just happy to stand in the sun today!
I put up a new flag!

Everything looks so wonderful in the spring!
The grass is thick and green (at least here in the front) and everything is in bloom or about to.

From all the rain, the garden looks like it should be the middle of June instead of May!

Front dogwood in full bloom.

Peony's are budding.

My ferns in back are going crazy. I also have at least two hummingbirds already.

All my animals were out with me.
Miss Ellie

Squeaker (who doesn't venture too far from the doors.)

And of course, Rocky on guard!
Hope you're enjoying nice weather today too.


  1. Such a beautiful post with your garden and furbabies. It is HOT here ... almost time for heat and humidity hibernation! Have a beautiful, fun week!

  2. Shirley, your home & gardens are just wonderful!!! ♥♥♥ the white picket fence!

    You are blessed to have such lovely spaces to fill. Its about time we got some nice warm sunshine, huh? We were outside all day Sat.
    DD & DGD, Ms. Caroline took me on the Akron Kitchens & Home tour by the Jr. League. What fun!

    Enjoy the nice weather & don't work too hard.

  3. Everything looks healthy and green Shirley! Nothing prettier than a crisp, fresh flag:@)

  4. What a beautiful "bubble" you have. I would live there and be content too. Love all your gardens and your house is so neat and perfect! I am your newest follower.


  5. The lovely picture in the thumbnail was just like receiving an invitation into you lovely home!

  6. Shirley I always like to come by your blog as your posts are interesting and your photos are always beautiful! You have quite the talent with your camera. Have a great week,.

  7. Hi Shirley! Aren't we GLAD that the season that falls between winter and summer has FINALLY arrived!!!??

  8. Oh the sunshine is lovely...I long for it here. We are finally getting blosoms on the tree's, Oh so nice. Thank you for sharing such bliss.


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