Friday, May 27, 2011


We've had some bad storms around here. My daughter's home area was in a particular bad one on Monday evening. She was really scared but had everyone (her and her animals in the basement). Everything turned out OK but she was sure it was a tornado going over.
My home just had a few minor branches down. (God's tree trimming.) Lots and lots of rain in the past few days but no flooding. We are looking forward to the good weather they are forecasting for this holiday weekend!
Satire, Preacher and Echo
On Tuesday we had the vet come out to see all three of our horses. She checked Preacher's abscess, and cleaned Echo's sheath. Let me tell you, Echo was not happy about that. I've tried and tried to desensitize him so I could do it but there was no way. It took 2 injections of a sedative and he still fought it but it got done. Then she checked on Satire's right front leg. He was holding it funny for a couple weeks. Well the news wasn't good. He has suspensory ligament damage and we will have to retire him completely and he has to be on stall rest with just a little hand walking for 3-4 months. We are bummed. But we'll do anything that is good for Satire. He is getting his legs wrapped everyday for a few hours and IM injections of Adequan (like Preacher gets) to increase fluid in his joints to make him more comfortable. Yes, it's all very expensive but when you commit to an animal, at least we feel, that you commit for the rest of their lives and do the best for them until the time when they "tell you" it's time to go. That goes for any of our animals; horses, dogs, cats.
Yesterday the farrier came to put a special egg-bar shoe on Satire's right hoof. It's sad that he can't run with the other horses this summer. With his personality though he seems very happy hanging around with us in the barn. He can be hand grazed on the grass where he can see the other horses. He just isn't allowed to trot or canter or run. Of course is is 33! Actually in human years he's over 100! Now I'm in my 60's and I don't really want to trot or run either so maybe it will be OK with him . . .
Preacher's abscess is opened and has drained now so he should be fine. The farrier trimmed away a little on the bottom of his hoof and there it was too. The first opening was up along his coronet band by his heel! We are using a pad with a sugar and Betadine paste on to draw out any further infection. He is not lame.
With all this doctoring of horses and making sure everyone gets weaned onto the grass, I haven't had a chance to ride for the last 3 weeks! I've got to get back to training with Echo too because the more he runs with the herd, the more he doesn't want to listen to me!! Not good!!!
New Horses
There are two new horses in the barn which fills it to capacity. They are two beautiful bay quarter horses. (Jackson and Will) Good bloodlines and were shown when they were younger. The owners seem really nice and caring.


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  1. Oh dear that is a lot to contend with. Poor babies. Good thing they have such loving care.


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