Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I've been waiting for the landscapers to come for weeks.  Meanwhile my front gardens kept growing and growing and the weeds were out of control being that we've had warm weather and rain!!
They called yesterday and said they would be here today.  I went out and trimmed some tall bushes so that they could even get to the gardens!!

This is a couple pictures of before that I snapped this morning.
As you can see, my brick path was hidden and thistles were abundant!

Yikes!!  OUT OF CONTROL!  Too much for me.

Now, these are the after photos!  I feel so much better.
The weeds had to be all hand pulled.  No spraying.
It took two guys 6 hours.  (12 hours of work time!)  I'm sure the bill will be a biggie!

They are going to maintain it for me for $25/mo. after this initial cleanup.
Well worth it!

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Have a great day.



  1. It looks gorgeous now! Your garden is a gem! :)


  2. It looks beautiful but oh I would be so scared to let anyone near mine they might pull a weed I like..lol hugs and thank you for stopping by.

  3. I do have someone to do my lawn but my 1/4 acre gardens would cost me $$$$$$ so I will have to tough it out and so them myself.
    The yard looks much better and you will come home to a happy yard now. Good for you.

  4. Hi darling, Your cottage is just as sweet as it can be. Looks like they did a great job. Love the picket fence. hugs ~lynne~

  5. They did a great cleanup, looks great and healthy! and in California $25 to maintain would be beyond cheap!


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