Thursday, May 24, 2012

Too Warm for May!

It was 86 degrees when I arrived at the barn.
It's only May.  I hate to think that July, August and Sept. are going to be squelchers!
I rode Preacher and practiced my "homework" from my Monday lesson.  I hope to get another practice session in on Sunday but the weekend is supposed to be in the 90's!!

When I came home I planted the chicken's garden.  I need a new sprinkling can.  Mine leaks!
I started to clean up the mess I've made in the garage from painting the coop.
I cleaned out the chick's brooder because I wanted to change the bedding from shredded newspaper to pine shavings.  The reason being is that I caught the one chick eating the strips of shredded newspaper!  I thought she was going to choke!
I could sit in there and watch those babies all evening!  They run around, peck and eat and scratch around.  Then all of a sudden they get tired, their eyes close and they almost fall over.  Their little nap only lasts a minute then they are running around again.  Eating, drinking, pecking, scratching and pooping!  The tips of their little wing feathers are starting to show on a couple of them.  They spread out there little wings and flutter, trying a little take off!  They already preen themselves!  How do they know to do all this.  3 or 4 days ago they were still in an egg!!
And why are other wild birds like robins and blue birds born without any feathers or fluff like chickens have!  Hmmmmmm.

 See the little wing feathers!

My gardens are a whole month early.  These should be blooming in June!!

My beautiful coral poppies!
Have a good evening everyone.


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