Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Summery Afternoon

It's May 3rd but the temperature was 85.  It was nice outside because of a nice breeze and no bugs.
Linda came over with my grandkids for a visit.
We were sort of testing Ava out to see how her asthma problem would react at my house.  The last few times she was here for my weekly baby sitting, she had an asthma attack.  We are thinking it's an allergy to something in my house.  They have a dog and a cat too and she doesn't have them very often at home unless she has a bad cold.  Definitely more at my house.  Yes, my dogs are bigger and I probably have more dust, dander and hair.
So I didn't have them to babysit all winter while the house was closed up.

Here's Jack telling me that he uses this tool at his work!!  (Where ever that may be : ))

We spent about half the time outside and half inside and she didn't seem to have any real problem today.

The problem is that when I babysit they are here for 8-9 hours and if she gets wheezy and doesn't react totally to her inhaler then her Mom has to leave work to come and get her.
It's nerve wracking for me because, being a retired ER nurse, I know how quickly a child with an asthma attack can go downhill!
Of course on days we can spend outside the whole day it would be better.
We'll see.



  1. I hope your girlie is going to be ok! :) Looks like shes happy as a pig in a wig! :)


  2. Spending time with grand-kids is THE BEST other than we often know too much to totally enjoy the moments. It's so hard to let go!...:)JP


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