Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Chicks Arrived This Morning!!

I got the call from the post office at 6:30 am that my little peeping box of chicks had arrived.  I threw on some clothes and went to get them.  They peeped all the way home and looked active and healthy when I opened the box.

This is the shipping box with a heating pad on the bottom.

This is their brooder for the next couple weeks or until they out grow it.  Then they go into a large dog cage with cardboard around it.
They have to be keep at 95 degrees for the first week and then you lower the temp by 5 degrees each week.
I'm making a better top for this tomorrow.

I have 3 yellow chicks and there should be just 2 so they switched me out one of the others and I'm not sure what yet.  Really doesn't matter too much.  I'm just hoping for all hens!!

Aren't they the sweetest little things.  They will already eat from my hand.

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