Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stuff from today!

My computer is acting goofy and of course the one page (among others), that won't load right, is MY BLOG!!!
So I don't even know if this post will load on.

Today was my day to do things around the house and to grocery shop.
I check on the little chicks about once an hour when I'm here.  They are so cute and get all in a twitter when I open the door to the bathroom and speak to them!  They will eat from my hand already and the little yellow ones are quite bold.
I got the grocery shopping out of the way, mailed some letters and went to Starbucks to have a coffee and cheese danish.

When I got home I started making the lid to the brooder.
I bought myself a little staple gun the other day and a decent pair of wire cutters.  I had some hardware wire left from the coop.
I made this myself!  It's perfectly square.  (I know because I used a square  : ))

I have to admit it took me awhile to make it, but it got done.  No work bench; I had to sit on the hard floor of my garage.

I dug up this raised bed.  It was full of weeds.  It was a back breaking job even though it looks small.  I added some compost.

I'm going to plant these things in there for the chickens.  I hope the pole beans will climb up this sunny side of the chicken run to give them some shade.  I also heard they love nasturtiums and of course some lettuce.   I plant them tomorrow. 
After that I sat in the yard with Monk.  He is on a leash that I leave dragging behind him now.  He got tweaked twice with the Invisible Fence and I think that was enough for him.  But now I've got to encourage him to widen his safe area!  He still wants to just stay on the deck!!

OK, well, I hope I can publish this!
I think the problem with my computer is that it's full!



  1. You crafty gal! :) A nice brooder yu've got there! :)


  2. Did you name the chicks yet?
    Did you find the list of names I like? It's by your computer ;-)

  3. God bless Monk! Great job on the your project! I love doing stuff like that!!!...:)JP


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