Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reporting In on a Few Subjects

I've been keeping watch on the bluebird's house.  There is now 5 little blue eggs.  The other day there was a robin sitting on top of the house and the blue birds were all in a tither and chased him away.

This is a lilac bush right outside my living room window.  I forget the name of it but it blooms later than the old-time lilacs and isn't as fragrant.

Progress on my chicken coop!
The inside is all painted and the outside is primed.  I'm going to paint the outside a sage green then think of something cute to decorate it.

My chicks are due to arrive in 6-7 days!!!!!!
Of course they'll be in the house in a brooder for a little while.

Monks training is going well.  He definitely gets the idea that the "flags are bad"!
Yesterday was the first day I took the cover off the prongs and he got "tingled" twice.
He didn't like it and ran back to me which is exactly what he's supposed to do. (He is on a leash of course)  He hasn't wanted to go anywhere near them again!
I think he's mad at me!!


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  1. Hi Shirley - thanks for your visit! I just love your house and we have so many common interests. I have a board on Pinterest called "My Granny Cottage" which has ideas for what I want my next house to look like - and it's essentially your house! Looks like you have a pretty good chicken coop going. I am interested to hear all about it and will stop back frequently. Have a lovely week!


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