Saturday, May 12, 2012

This and That

No, I haven't fallen off the earth!  I've just been too pooped to post!  It's my own fault as I plan too much for everyday and then wait till the evening to get on the computer and just don't have any more brain cells that are willing to be active!

This week I did find something I've been going to buy for over $20 and I found it for $8 at my favorite little 2nd hand shop.  I wanted to get all my knives out of my drawer and into a block.  Makes it so much easier! 

Well, it's finally Monk's turn to learn about the Invisible Fence.  His training just started yesterday.  It will take about 3-4 weeks.  I've trained 4 other dogs to it and I've never had an escapee!!  It's the most wonderful invention!!

Monk doesn't seem all that enthused about it but he'll be glad to get off that rope and be free to wander about the yard.

I have bluebirds in my bluebird house.  This is their neat little nest and so far there's one beautiful blue egg in there.  I'll keep you posted.


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  1. We have Bluebirds too! Can't wait for them to hatch! Good luck with Monk's is a great invention but I had problems with other dogs coming in the yard, exiting and my dog getting blitzed terribly!!!!...:)JP


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