Sunday, September 23, 2012

Demolished Mailbox, a Police Report and a Clue

Yes, I had to call the police again!
No I wasn't locked out of my chicken coop.
I had just gone shopping and was unloading things in my kitchen by the window when I heard a "whomp".
I glanced out my window and saw a car speed past before the a second loud "thud".
I went out, as there was an accident a few years back when a car ran off the road hit one of my big rocks and a tree.  I thought this was maybe the same thing and thought someone may be hurt. 
However as I left my front door I saw what had happened.
My mailbox was completely demolished, post and all and a rubbermaid container that I keep next to the box for packages was in dozens of pieces and everything was strewn down the road.
(Did I think to take pictures for my blog . . . NO!!)
You could see the tracks of the car but it was gone.
I called the township police.
A really nice young officer came out to take a report and followed the tracks of the car and saw where it side-swiped a tree, leaving a CLUE!!
The red tail light cover from the car.
I told him what color the car was but that's really all I saw, it was so quick.  I'm not a very good witness!  I should have done better, being the wife of a policeman!!
After the young officer helped me pick up all the pieces, he situated the half of my mailbox with my house numbers out front as that's the only place my address was!

Unfortunatly, now I have to call my handyman, Kerry to help me install a new mailbox!
It's always something!  (It wasn't even the snowplow that got it this time!!
Don't I live an exciting life! 



  1. Probably a drunk driver! At first I thought kids smashing up mailboxes but when you said he hit a tree that made me think drunk driver! We've been lucky so far with our mailbox that we haven't had to replace it. Ours is just getting old and ugly.

  2. That's what the policeman thinks too.

  3. Some of our rural areas still have postal boxes on posts but for the most part we have community boxes in each area. The amount of thefts from these boxes at the road was alarming.
    Such an annoyance for you to have to get this fixed.


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