Monday, September 17, 2012

William and Blue's Arrival

William, Preacher and I at a recent clinic. 

This is William.
He is 90 years old but you'd never know it.
Up until the last two years we were riding buddies along with my daughter and another friend, Pam.
In the last two years he's lost two of his three horses.  One to age and the other was retired because of suspensory issues and then hurt her leg and had to be put down.
He has a younger horse left, a Missouri Fox Trotter mare named Blue.
Her name was Cherokee when he bought her but he thought it was hard to call her by that name, having too many syllables, so he simply named her Blue because of her one blue eye.  She's a brown and white pinto.
William hasn't riden her in a year because his last barn owner thought he was too old.
We have finally gotten him and Blue into our barn.
He and Blue arrived today.
The trainer here will get William back in the saddle.  That is what he wants.

Here's Blue

More stories about these two to come.



  1. I'm glad that William has Blue now and will be able to ride him at your barn! That's crazy that the other barn thought he was too old to ride.

    Happy Trails!

  2. I can't believe that someone took it upon themselves to stop this man from riding his horse! So glad he is back with you!


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