Monday, September 17, 2012

Waiting for an Egg!

My girls are 17 weeks old today!  They can start laying at 16-18 weeks although some take longer.
So I'm waiting for the big morning surprise.

I remembered that I had some antique, hand blown nesting eggs somewhere and I finally found them.   I have 4 but 2 will due since I just have two nesting boxes.
The nesting eggs are to let the hens know where to lay their eggs and to encourage them to do so!

They look big in my hand but actually are the size of a regular egg.

I put one in each nesting box and the hens immediately had to investigate.

Martha was especially curious!

Pepsi watched all the goings on from on top of my car hood.

I will be checking the boxes each morning from now on!
Isn't this exciting stuff!!!!


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