Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Mail Box and The Plumber

It wasn't easy and took me all afternoon! (Would've probably taken half an hour with two people.)
I got the easiest and cheapest least expensive mailbox, since mine seems to be a target!!!

My demolished mailbox!

Tracks of the guilty car!

The easy post I could install myself.  After all, no mailbox . . . no mail!!!
Had to get it up quick!

My little girlie tools. 

But here's the end result.  It's at least functional.  Kind of hard to see so I'm going to put lots of reflective tape on it!!!
It's also pretty straight!  (I'm most proud of that!)

Now, the clogged sinks and the plumber situation!
He snaked and snaked.  50 foot of snake and still didn't really fix it good.  It's at least draining slightly better.  The problem is, no one knows where the drain pipes from this kitchen go!  My kitchen guy hooked into existing older pipes but heaven knows where they go.  My plumber is bringing his boss over next week to see if they can figure it out.  There's only about a foot high crawl space under the kitchen and dining room area and you can't see under there.
It's always something!
The plumber was here over 3 hours and didn't charge me a dime because he didn't fix the problem!
Nice  : ))
Of course who knows what it will cost in the end if they have to go digging!


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