Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Want a Pantry But . . . .

But, I have no extra room for a pantry.  I have shelves down in my basement that I keep canned goods and such on but I hate running down there for things and often times I just forget about what I have down there.
I do have a cellar way area though, so this is what I did with it today while I was making a pot of soup.

It went from this:

To this:
And I plan on adding a few more of these shelves to the right as you go down the cellar stairs.
I feel like I accomplished something today since it was too hot and humid to go to the barn and ride my horses!



  1. Oh, what an instant gratification job! Great idea and everything looks neat and organized! Have a nice, long weekend.

  2. Gotta love a great organization idea, great access to your needs! Hav a wonderful weekend!

  3. Wow! You were really productive. Your organizing looks great. I semi-went through my pantry this morning too. It felt good to toss out old and half eaten boxes of things.

  4. That is some organizing indeed! :) Love how it turned out!



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