Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The last couple days when I've been home, I've put the new cat's cage outside of the garage so she could get used to her surroundings.  Michele named her "Angel".  She's been over by the chickens and that of course keeps her interested!  Today I let my two dogs outside with her.  Rocky sniffed her and she hissed and growled at him and he was out of there!  (He's such a "chicken" for a hunting dog!!)  Monk on the other hand pays no attention to her warnings and gets even more interested.  I think he will need a good clip on the nose from her.  Of course he'll never get that close once she's loose because even his lumbering "run" is SLOW!  And he's easily confused when they escape up a tree!
She's getting very restless in the cage (tomorrow will be day #5), so I plan on letting her loose in a couple more days then we just have to hope she sticks around.  Pepsi did and they know where the food is.

Who's watching who!



  1. Ohhh a new addition to the family! :)
    Lovely kitty! :D


  2. Put a little tuna juice on Monk's forehead and kitty will suddenly find him a lot more attractive. Plus you will get to see how far his tongue can actually reach. lol.

  3. I'm so relieved you got the other cat from the barn/stables, I was quite concerned about her. I'm sure Angel will soon settle in with her new surroundings and as Pepsi is there already it's not ALL too strange for her :o)
    Rose H


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