Friday, October 5, 2012

Chicken Run

I've been trying to think how I could make a chicken tractor by myself so that my girls can be moved about the yard and hunt and scratch on something other than gravel and sand.
The problem is, that I have a small Honda and can't get the lumber I would need home from the store and I won't pay the horrible prices they charge for delivery!!
So I've made a makeshift pen out of a flimsy dog containment fence (that cost too much for how unsteady it is!), so they have somewhere else to go once in awhile but I have to be out with them.
Here is their regular run.

This is the added space that doubles the run area.  I did put a netting top on so the hawks can't get in but this would be such a pain to move every week or so!
I really need a chicken tractor with wheels that is light enough for me to move around.
They're expensive to buy ready made and fairly cheap to build yourself.
I'm hoping my brother-in-law would like a project!!
Here's an example of what I was thinking of.

Here's my chicken garden.  The nasturtiums have taken over now but they are so pretty and chickies really like them

This is how far Monk has ventured to the front of the house.  Since he is trained to the Invisible Fence he stays in the backyard even though he could go out in the front and around the house.  He goes this far and peeks around the corner but then comes back  : ))
He started on his allergy shots yesterday with no bad reaction.  He has terrible skin allergies and hot spots.  Poor Monk, he's been through so much.
Have a good day everyone.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Monk's hot spots...they can be so horrible!! However, he trained well on the fence and that's GREAT!...:)JP


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