Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Hate To Be Cold!

What could be worse than to come home from the barn last night to a cold house!  I realized right away that my boiler was not working!!!  Things always seem to go amuck on the weekends!
I called my plumber and got no answer (OH NO!!), so I left my distraught message.  One of my greatest fear living in this house is having the heat go out when it's cold and losing electrical power!
Luckily my electric was OK.  Because my electric blanket last night saved me!!
My plumber called first thing this morning and was here by 10am.
It seems that my tank must have been empty yesterday when my delivery of oil came thus pushing all the gunk in the bottom of the tank to the filter and clogging it.
After fixing all that and numerous tries, IT STARTED UP!!
Thank the Lord!

I had started a roaring fire but for that to help in a cold house you have to be sitting in front of it!!
But it at least makes you feel like you're doing something to survive!  After all it was only in the 50's!
: ))
So I'm a freeze baby!

It's toasty warm in my house now and I'm happy  : ))


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  1. Glad you are warm again, Shirley. I have snuggled up in front of our gas fireplace several times when the electricity as went out, due to a winter storm!


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