Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Tree House

My sister has been visiting me for two weeks.
We ate out, shopped and various other things.  She's not a huge horse lover like me so we didn't go out to the barn too much. 
Last weekend we went to visit my son and wife, Linda and my grandkids.
I wanted to see the tree house my son has been building.
I have to say that this was my idea that I put in his head.  A few months back I told him that he had the perfect tree in his back yard to build a treehouse around!
I'm so happy it stuck because the kids LOVE it and it's not even done yet.
These aren't the greatest pictures but I will take more when he finishes.  (That may be next year though depending on our weather!)

 Carl, my son says this is only the first addition.  He is going to build a second level that will have a roof on it like a little room over 1/4 of it.

Here's Ava showing me all her animals.  She's like her Nanna!

Little Jack is in the animal container  : ))

Jack fell fast asleep next to me after playing all day.

Yesterday I drove my sister halfway back to Erie where we meet up with Bob, her husband at the Waffle house and we had breakfast.  Then he takes her the rest of the way home.
He's going to come up this fall and build me my chicken tractor.
(He can't come at the same time because they have a little Pekinese dog that doesn't like to be away from home or away from them!  So one of them stays home with doggy!)
Can you say "spoiled"!!!
Sorry Sue!



  1. What wonderful memories that are in the process of being created in that tree house! Adorable kids too. Oh, and I love your autumn header!! Have a great weekend.

    Hugs from Idaho,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Hi, Shirley,
    First of all I LOVE your header picture. So pretty.
    You had a great idea for the tree house, and that tree Was perfect for it. I know the kids will enjoy it.


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