Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I love Rocky so much.  He is getting older now and has all the signs.  He sleeps so much and has had two seizures.  He is the last living thing that my husband and I shared.  He was his hunting bird dog. 
He didn't go hunting last year with my husband's friends as he just wasn't up to it so that part of his life is over.  He was a wonderful bird dog from good blood lines.
Even as a pup he was really my dog, he related best to me but Jack was certainly proud of his hunter.
I pray and hope that God lets me have him for a few more years.
There are still times he runs around and looks like a youngster but most of the time he rests.
Monk has been a good addition to his life and is company for him when I'm gone away for the day.  (Even though they both sleep a lot!)
I love you Rocky.



  1. He sure is handsome! I hope he gets to stay around with you for more years too! It is so hard to loose our pets. I have an older dog that I can tell she isn't doing so well herself. I've found her having a seizure also. She keeps loosing her hair. She's also loosing her hearing. She's 12 and fragile like already. When she feels good she likes to chase the squirrels and the deer.

  2. Shirley your words brought tears to my eyes and memories of my GSP, Kiera. I've noticed that Moon and Copper are sleeping more too...:(JP

  3. Oh,how sad it is to watch our dogs age, especially when we will have to make a big decision someday. All we can do is just spoil them silly and be their companion.

  4. Rocky is so handsome. That is the heartbreak that comes with having animals in the home. They are not here long enough. I am sure you will have more years with him. He looks as healthy as can be.


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