Friday, February 15, 2013

A Riding Day

It got cold again today with some snow flurries but my daughter and I went to the barn anyway because it's going to get even colder over the weekend.
I rode Echo for awhile.  I wanted to make sure he had calmed down from a couple days ago when he was real spooky.  (Unlike him)  Who knows what gets into them!
He was good today though and we had a nice ride.

Michele had a lesson on Vinny, an Arab cross that she is thinking of getting.
He's quite stunning.
Today she got to pony another horse which neither of us has ever done!
What fun!!!

It's good for my soul and my mental health to go to the barn with the horses!!!


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  1. Horses are wonderful creatures but I have not had a lot to do with them, as a child my uncle had two horses on his farm and we would feed them carrots but were not allowed to ride them, they were a bit wild.
    That was a big barn.


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