Monday, February 11, 2013

A Treat For My Girls

I got my chickens a forage cake and gave it to them today.
It has good chicken treats in there like scratch and corn etc.
They were very hesitant at first but finally pecked at it.
It was warm this morning (40) but got really windy and dropped about 10-15 degrees.
I like spending time with my animals at home as well as my horses at the barn.
Someone asked me if my chickens have names.  Of course I named them!  After all. I'm the only mother they ever knew since I got them at one day old.  : ))
The two golden ones are Martha and Molly, the black and white one is Dottie, the white one is Lily and the dark brown one is Eggo.  Actually the white one and the dark brown one are the same breed, just different colors.  They are Easter Eggers and they give me the green and bluish eggs.


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  1. Your chickens are so sweet, they are real nervous about that are finally getting the hang of can you stand it that toooo cold


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