Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine Party

It's almost valentines Day so I'm posting this table with Susan At BNOTP for "Tablescape Thursday". Find all the other participants and Susan's wonderful blog here:

A Re-do On My Valentine Party

Red and white. My second favorite after blue and white or just plain white.
I'm "replaying" this post because it was one of my favorites! 

I suppose I could've gotten some red rose petals instead of the little hearts but that's all I could think of with these dishes I had.

This entire table are dishes from GW or some other thrift shop. (Except for the square polka dot plates which are from Marshalls.)

The red stainless flatware is from Walmart.

Awww, the tea drinker (me) will sit here.

I had to use my birdies again. Lets call them love birds.

As evening approaches I light the candles.

Now it looks very romantic.

I didn't really have a centerpiece so I had to improvise!

Layering dishes, I love it!

Now, all I need is Mr Valentine!!
No, No, I was fibbing!!!!!!!!
I didn't say that!
Nope, nope nope!!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone.


  1. Beautiful table, beautiful tableware, hearts and birdies are adorable!

  2. I absolutely love your little stacked teapot -- and it's red and white. :) Isn't it amazing how we can combine so many patterns that go together when they all share similar colors. Thanks for stopping by my dish room!

  3. Great table, Shirley! I love Goodwill shopping, but I have never found such cute dishes there. You did a beautiful job of mixing all of the patterns. Thanks for sharing!


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