Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Horrendous Day!

Got up late which started my day on a downward spiral!

I quick let the chickens out and fed the dogs and cats.
Fed me.
Took Monk to the groomer at 11am.
Had to return home to retrieve my iPhone which I forgot
Decided to cut Rocky's nails while my phone was in the charger.
Cut one nail too short and it started bleeding all over my carpet.
Put Rocky in bathroom while I scrubbed the carpet.
Left to pick up Monk at groomer and get a septic stick pencil.
Home with Monk who is weak in the hind quarters from his bath etc.
Monk slowly exits the car and lays in the driveway for 15 minutes before making it to the house.
I go into the bathroom to see if Rocky's nail has stopped bleeding.
It seemed to stop so I let him out of the bathroom.  
I clean up the bathroom which looks like I had slaughtered a pig in there!
Rocky wants to go out so I let him out.
I see his nail has started to bleed again and now there is blood all over the wood deck.
I try to cover his foot and rush him back into the bathroom.
I try the septic stick I got at the drug store.
It doesn't even slow the bleeding down.
Drip . . . . drip . . . . drip.
I try cornstarch.
That doesn't work either.
I wrap Rocky's foot with a Maxie pad with cornstarch, Elasticon and a horse leg wrap I cut to fit.
I call the vet who is right up my road.
She says to call back in 1 hour if it doesn't stop.
The bandage is saturated in a half hour.
I call the vet back and head up the road after re-wrapping and putting a plastic bag on his foot!
At the vet it took 3 minutes and a silver nitrate stick to stop the bleeding!!!
She sent one home with me.
The bleeding hasn't started again and everything is fine.
Both dogs are sleeping.
If I had only not forgotten my phone this morning!!!

I'm exhausted!



  1. I have had those days, it seems they will never end, one thing after another...glad you finally had a happy now

  2. Girlie, I know what ya mean! LOL Seems like you had a killer day!!!! Glad it all turned out fine! :)



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