Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve afternoon.
I have Christmas music playing and feel like I should light a fire in the fireplace.
However, here in NE Ohio, for some strange reason, it's 60 degrees today and part of tomorrow!!
Strange weather!
So I'm saving my wood for a cold, cold day.  I'm sure they are coming back shortly.
I got two handmade cards from my sister this year. 
 One had my gift of the two gift cards I enjoy the most.
Starbucks and Panera!

I did almost my entire Christmas shopping on line this year.
The few times I had to go into the stores, it was not an enjoyable experience!
Maybe I was just too much in a hurry which you can't be with those crowded stores!
And it was exhausting!
I found it so much better shopping from my desktop.

I have the car trunk loaded with gifts to take to my son's tonight.
Plus cookies and fudge.

We have Christmas Eve there now.
I enjoyed having it here and I might start that tradition back next year if they'll come!
I probably wouldn't make a whole big dinner like Linda does but we'd have something!
We are supposed to have high winds starting later this afternoon.  I'm hoping my house doesn't lose power while I'm gone.
Plus poor Dexter is so afraid of the wind sounds.
Well, Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and the dogs, cats, horses, and chickens!

Dexter and Spirit
Preacher and Echo
Pepsi and Angel
Martha, Molly, Eggo, Lily and Dottie

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  1. Merry Christmas to you too and all your lovely fur and feathered friends!! Pixie


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