Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Should I Try To Make a Resolution or Two?

Happy New Year to you all.

I usually never bother to make resolutions.
I mean, I might have but they never lasted so I don't even remember.
This year I have got to make a REAL EFFORT to organize and de-clutter things in this house.
It's starting to drive me nuts.
I found a site that I'm going to try and follow. 
How to declutter for 365 days, 15 minutes per day!
(I'll put the address at the bottom)
I can do 15 minutes a day right?
I did clear my kitchen island and get the new calendar.

I think the trick will be not to re-clutter the places you've de-cluttered!!

There's something else I want to re-try!
I think I blogged about having an over-abundance of food in my freezer and pantry and that I was going to stop going to the grocery store except for perishables and live off what I have.
Well . . . 
That hasn't worked so far.

I did go through everything and threw outdated stuff away.  
(Which was a lot but I still have way to much)
So I'm going to try that again.
My problem is reading wonderful sounding recipes on line (darn Pinterest!!)
Then I want to make the dish but I need one or two things at the grocery store.
Which, of course adds up to a basket full.
More stuff into the pantry!

Everyone makes a resolution to lose weight and exercise, right?
Well, since I don't really need to lose weight (don't hate me!), I do need to get myself moving, become more active like I used to be just a little over a year ago and to get out among people more!!
So I have made the first steps:
I joined "Silver Sneakers" and today I joined the Rec. Center which is free when you are a "Silver Sneakers" member!!

You can read more about this journey on my other blog:
"It's Always Something"

As promised the web site of the Decluttering 365 is here:

Have a nice day everyone and a very Happy New Year!



  1. Happy New Year Shirley. I de clutter then bring more stuff in. First day out and back to the food store. But was good only brought milk and fruit and veg. Determined to eat whatever is in the house before shopping again.

  2. What? Nothing about going to the barn more or riding?!


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