Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Christmas Rush

My daughter (the photographer) came over this past Saturday, so at least I have my Christmas cards.  Most are going out over the internet however!
I know that's the cheaper, easier way but, oh well, that's me anymore.  I'm still frantically ordering some things online hoping they will get here before Christmas.
I just emailed the cards out when my email went out.
I've been trying to fix it all day but it's beyond me so I will have to give Applecare a call.
At least face book works or I'd really be out of touch.
Spirit, my new little girl pointer, is working out really well with Dexter so I've already sent in the adoption papers.  Now she has her very own home forever.
I have to finish my table-scape in the dining room but I made the island in the kitchen look a little more like Christmas.

I will have lots more pictures of Spirit that Michele took but I have to wait till my email is working for her to send them to me in bigger files.
I have to bake Christmas cookies yet and wrap presents!!
Oh My!

Hope you all are getting things done in the Christmas rush.
I really envy the woman who can have all her gifts bought and wrapped by August!!!
That's never been me, that's for sure!

Here's my daughter's photography website.
It sure is worth taking a look.

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