Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Spirit's Arrival

My new doggie is here.
(AKA foster dog)
My pet sitter Jolene was so good to offer to drive me down near Columbus to make the connection of the last leg of Spirit's trip from Florida.
The Pointer Rescue Org. transport team did the rest.
The trip even included a couple of the legs done by Pilot's-N-Paws.
So Spirit even had an airplane ride part of the way!
She is certainly the sweet girl that everyone talked about.
I had already thought I would adopt her if she got along with Dexter.
Well, Dexter seems happy to have a sister and everything is going fine.
Originally she was found as a stray in Oklahoma this past Spring and taken to a shelter where she was found to have a mammary tumor plus the fact that she was so skinny.
The shelter removed the tumor and spayed her and the
Pointer Rescue Organization(PRO) took her in.
She was then transported to Florida where she's been with a foster since August.
Here's the picture after she arrived here Sunday night.
She was so tired and was glad to go to bed.

Yesterday she tried on her new winter coat.
After all, it's a lot colder here than FL!
Purple looks good on you little girl!

She has such sad, soulful eyes.
I hope she will soon realize that she is now home for good.

The first part of the day I let Dexter and her meet over the gates but I saw that they were fine and let them together.
Dexter wanted to play!
I think he thinks she is his Christmas present.
I've let PRO know that I will adopt.

They played all day between naps.
Then slept on the couch together like all pointers do!
I sat by the fire in a chair and watched "Major Crimes".

This morning I took her up to my vet and had her all checked over.  She's in good healthy shape and is 6 or 7 years old.
She could lose a couple pounds but we'll work on that!  I got Dexter about this same time last year!
Merry Christmas to me!!!



  1. Congratulations - she is beautiful!

  2. Congratulations on your new baby - she is so pretty and sweet. Looks like Dexter likes her and she is right at home with you.


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