Thursday, August 13, 2015

3 Basics for a Chicken Run

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3+  important things about chicken runs.

•Make your run or chicken yard as big as you can.
(At least 10-12 Sq. Ft. per chicken.)

•Make it secure.  No chicken wire, use hardware wire.

•Keep your main run covered to avoid any swopping hawks.

Pick up any food or debris at night so it doesn't attract rodents.
In the larger yard, have a place they can run for cover.

You can hang shiny cd's or pie plates to help scare away hawks
Poultry fencing with or without electricity.

Wobbly fence to discourage chickens from flying up and landing on the fence.
Protection for free range chickens:
Brush  or shelter to hid in, a rooster or guard dog.


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