Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Some Interesting Facts about Chickens

This is one of my hens named Dottie.

I came across a lot of interesting facts on chickens this week.
This post sort of goes along with some of my previous Periscope broadcasts.
I just recently started using "Katch" which captures your live broadcasts on Periscope and puts them on Twitter for more the the previous 24 hours.

Anyway . . . .
Here are some chicken facts.
(these are from the "My Pet Chicken" handbook.

#1  Chickens make good teachers.
           Mother hens teach their baby chicks what is good to eat and what is not.

#2  Chickens have prehistoric roots.
           Chickens are thought to be the closest living relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex!!!!

#3  Chickens have their own language.
            It's thought that chickens have about 30 distinct vocalizations that they use to communicate                 with each other.  For instance, the warning cry for a predator that is coming on the ground is               different from the cry that is warning a predator coming from above, like a hawk.

#4  Chickens sometimes model their behavior on other chickens.
            The special way a broody hen clucks can encourage other hens to become broody too.

#5  Chickens begin communicating before they are hatched.
            A mother hen "talks" to her chicks when they are still in the egg and the chicks begin to peep               back right before they are hatched.

#6  Chickens are more docile at night.
            Chickens go into a passive, trancelike state when they sleep at night.  It is the easiest way to                 pick up a chicken, when they are in this sleepy state.

#7  Chickens learn who you are.
            Chickens can recognize up to 100 faces!!

#8  Chickens lay different colors of eggs depending on the breed.
            Different shades of brown, green, blue, pink and of course white.

#9  Chicken eggs are nutritionally about the same regardless of the color of the shell.
            Brown eggshell colors are deposited on the outside of the shell, while blue goes throughout                 the shell, even on the inside.

#10 Chickens signal when they are ready to lay.
            Before a hen begins to lay, her comb will get larger and redder, and she may begin to squat                down submissively when you reach down to pet her.

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  1. Hi Shirley :-) Hope you are having a Great Tuesday :-) I Love your chicken...I need to take some more of mine lol.

  2. Always interested in hens since drummy moved in.


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