Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Daybook

For Today:  August 24th 2015

Outside my window:  It's sunny and going to be a nice day in the 70's.

I Am Thinking:  I'm going to open some windows and let some nice fresh air in.

I Am Thankful:  That my sister is finally coming for a visit later this week.  She hasn't been to visit since last fall!!

In The Kitchen:  I can hear the soft whir of the dishwasher.

I Am Wearing:  A turquoise t-shirt and black running pants and my garden clogs.

I Am Creating:  Another crocheted dish cloth and some coasters.  Also trying to "zentangle" a little bit everyday.  Those two things, crocheting and the zentangle doodling are such good stress reducers.

I Am Going:  To run up to GoodWill to see what I can find and to Home Depot to see if they have something I thought of getting for my daughter.  Don't want to give away her gift surprise yet though.

I Am Reading:  A Sue Grafton mystery.  "F is for Fugitive" (Audio book)  Almost done, then I get to go to the library for more.

I Am Hoping:  That I get better with doing Periscope and get some followers!!!

I Am Looking Forward To:  Riding my horse, Echo this week.  I have a lesson tomorrow.

I Am Hearing:  Stillness.  So nice sometimes!

Around The House:  I need to do a good clean-up and wash my floors before my sister comes!

In My Garden:  It's pretty dry.  I watered my sad little vegetable garden this morning.  The deer haven't left me much!

I Am Pondering:  About scoping (Periscope) in GoodWill today.

One of My Favorite Things:  Sitting by my chickens in the evening while they dust themselves in the dirt run.  I usually do a "chicken scope" from there in the evening.

Quote of the Day:
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:  Find more things to sell on eBay (see link right side bar), clean the house!, riding lesson on Tuesday, pick my sister up on Thursday, Maybe go visit my grandkids this next weekend while my sister is here. 

Photos From The Past Week:

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  1. Hi Shirley! I love reading about The Simple Woman's Daybook and hearing about your week at a glance plans. I, too, love this weather and having the windows open, makes me want to be outside all day!! As I've never heard of Periscope, I'll have to read about it some time. Give Echo a big hug from me & say Hi to the Barn Ladies!! Take Care and have a wonderful day!!

  2. Oh, I felt like I popped into your home for a quick chat. I love how conversational your writing is. Have a wonderful week!


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