Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The 3 Musts When Building Your Chicken Coop.

1. Build your coop bigger than you think you'll need!
          Chickens need at least 2-4 sq. ft/ for each hen.
          Plan your coop for future additions!  
After 2-3 years of age, the laying diminishes and you'll want to add more chicks for more eggs!
Don't crowd your chickens or you may start to have behavioral problems.

2.  Make sure your coop is predator proof.     
Elevated off the ground.
Locks on all doors. (Man door, egg boxes and pop door.)
Use carabiner latches or pad locks.
Use hardware wire not chicken wire.
Chicken wire only keeps chickens in, and does not keep predators out.
Keep in mind, if a five year old child can open it, so can a raccoon!!!
Predators can include:
Raccoons, Possums, Fox, Hawks, Owls, Coyotes, Dogs, Snakes etc.

3.  Build you coop with good ventilation.
You want good ventilation without drafts on the chickens. 
Use hardware wire on the windows.

This post goes along with the live scope I did on Periscope tonight.
It will be able to be viewed until 7:30pm  8/13/15
Check it out from my Twitter page @hoofprints.


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